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From the Desk of Houston McMiller
Who we are?
We’re a personal and business credit online education firm.. We’ve been in business since April 2010.
We help our clients:
• Get cash and credit for their business and personal needs
• Get higher personal credit scores
• Grow and nurture their small business for expansion
• Increase accessibility to cash and credit as their business grows

What we do ?

We provide up to date tools and resources that give our clients the advantage when going after funding for their business and personal needs. Our services include:
• Business and personal credit building
• How to properly structure your business to protect your personal assets.
• Giving up to date resources to locate the best lenders and investors for your business and personal needs
• How to properly reduce your tax liability in your business

How we do it ?
We used our system first to raise over $2.1 million collective thru business and personal funding. Then, we used those same strategies and stared helping others raise funding. We start by analyzing our client’s personal credit first. Once we targeted what most lenders would look at first we addressed those issues. We built the credit up til we got it back over 720. Then we established the client a new business.
Once the business is established, we start applying for funding for it and then use that same credit application to apply for personal funding. The reason for this is that we want to minimize the hard inquiries so we can go after more funding in the future. Understanding that to many inquiries to soon will start causing the client to be denied for funding.
Granted that every client will not get the same amount of funding, however they are almost guaranteed to has access to funding that they did not have access to prior to our program.

What makes us different?
We know you have a ton of choices when it comes to business and personal credit firms.
There are several distinct differences between us and the other guys:
• Quality. We used our program for ourselves as well as other business professionals, pro-athletes, and celebrities alike to help them build their own empires
• Timeliness. We proactively keep educating our clients and always looking for smarter and faster ways to show clients how to get access to funding.
• Control. We allow our clients to choose how much time they want to invest into rebuilding their business and personal credit
• Transparency. We communicate everything to our clients, share real-time progress reports, and proactively report to our clients with weekly status updates.
• Contract-free. Other credit companies require contracts. Once you become a member, you’re a life time member. That means you have unlimited access to our program and any other material we add to it.
Who uses our services?
We work with entrepreneurs, startups, and large businesses. We also work with people who need our help with building a better financial future for their family. Here’s who our typical client is:
• Existing Business Owners who are struggling to get cash and credit for their business
• Entrepreneurs that can’t afford to waste time and money on trying to get cash and credit from the right bank or investor
• People that just want to escape the rat race and want to build a better financial future for their families.
Thanks so much for visiting,
Houston McMiller
Founder of
How You Can Benefit From Business Credit?
Eliminate That Personal Guarantee
In many cases small business owners want to completely eliminate that need to use their social security number when applying for a business credit card or business loans.  However, most of them end up in the wrong business structure which keeps them attached to the business.  That's why we focus how helping small business owners to chose the right business structure so that the business could take on a credit profile of its own.
Easier Access To Business Credit and Cash To Invest Back In To The Business, Real Estate or Other Under-valued Assets
By properly structuring the business the correct way this would allows the business owner to have easier access to cash and credit to help them grow their business, real estate investing or other investment opportunity like stock trading.
Eliminate Personal Liability and Reduce Tax Liabilty
In most cases, small business owners and entrepreneurs end up putting their business and personal assets on the line because of their bad choice in business structuring.  They also end up paying more in business taxes which eats up their profits.  That's why 3wayfunding business credit program focuses on the best ways to help you eliminate these liabilities that threaten the lively hood of the business and personal assets..
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