How You Can Benefit From Leveraging The Banks Money Using Business Credit Cards?
Invest In and Own Assets
You'll have the cash and business credit to Invest in assets like real estate, stocks, or a buy small business, that pays you weekly, monthly and yearly residual income. The money you make from those assets can be invested in other assets and soon replace the income from your job which will allow you to become a full time investor for business owner. 
Buy. Own,  and Sell Liquidated Assets and Products
You having access to more of the banks money you can buy products that are being liquidated and in high demand like apple products, designer clothing, beauty products or even electronics and resell them for huge profits.
Expand Your Current Business
Having immediate access to cash and business credit cards, you'll be able to buy more products to keep up with demand, pay for better marketing, and possibly open a second location which will double your profits.
Move To A Nicer Community
You'll be able to move your family to a better community where you can have access to more qualified clients which helps expand your business as well as putting your your children in better schools where they can build positive relationships network with other students.
Better Health and Reducing Your Taxes
You have access to money you can buy better quality of food, joining a gym, get access to a personal trainer to help you stay fit, and access to better healthcare.
Lower Your Taxes By Taking More Business Trips
You can go on business trips staying in 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts to accommodate clients. Also, you'll be able to use it as a tax write-off while you enjoy a little quality.
Join Exclusive Clubs
Using the profits from your business and investments you can start joining exclusive clubs where you have full access to luxury cars, private jets, private boats and yachts. Where you have the opportunity to recruit higher clientele.
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